Explore a secure and simple local messenger for your office for Windows, Android and Mac.


All communications are encrypted.

The communication is highly secure because it is encrypted by strong encryption algorithms. Due to the Secure network messenger, your employees will be able to exchange text messages and files and  discuss different topics together with several colleagues simultaneously without leaving their working places!


An ideal solution for internal communication.

Secure Network Messenger is especially designed to work with medium and large local area networks, but it is also convenient for small local networks consisting of two and up to several dozen computers. Just install the messenger on all computers of your network and it will be ready immediately to send and receive messages from coworkers!

Simple interface

Designed to eliminate any difficulties for the end user.

The interface is designed to be very easy to use. Anyone familiar with programs like AOL Messenger, Yahoo IM, and ICQ, will immediately understand how to use Secure Network Messenger. The user is able to start working with the program immediately after completing the setup process. An experienced user will easily be able to learn all of the required features quite quickly.

Windows, Android and Mac OS support

Send messages between any  devices based on modern operation systems.

Secure network messenger supports Windows XP, 7 ,8, 10, 11.
Android based devices and Mac OS computers are ready for chat after the application installation.
This is an alternative and highly secure way of message exchange in your local network. 


“Thanks for this awesome App and especially Android version. This is a must on any office workplace. We are using Secure Network messenger on all computers for business chats! It's simple, handy and save us a lot of time!”

“We have just set up the application in our office network... it's really awesome! 100% free Android version, file transfer and desktop sharing on Windows computers, Mac support ....amazing!.”

“Your LAN messenger is probably the best tool I have used recently after moving away from other online chat clients. It's stable and doesn't require any additional hardware like a dedicated server! Great job! ”